Usurper Vong | Eclectic Electric Rock

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We're down for rock shows, weddings, bar mitzvahs, and just about any other opportunity to strap it on.

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Next Gig
Thu, May 28, 2015
JJ's Blues Club
3439 Stevens Creek Blvd, SJ
Playing with our good friends REBELSKAMP
Recent Setlist
Sat, Nov 29, 2014
Johnny V's Bar, San José
Amputea Time, Sins & Syringes, Degenerate Genius > La Compora > Problem Gambler, Invincible, Sour Apples, Sweet Peaches, Fuel, Coast To Coast, Wake-Up Call

Did you know? We made the KSCU Top 30! Check it out and request your favorite Vong Song today…

Meet Usurper Vong
Peter Allen bass | Aaron Feldman guitar
Derek Gomez vocals | Joyce Kuo drums
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Vong Songs, Volume 1:
Humans Make Me Nervous
Listen to our long-awaited, self-produced debut album on iTunes and download a copy today...
You can also click here to order an actual CD, if you're still into that sort of thing. Personally, the Vong prefer the warmer tones of vinyl, but that stuff's expensive to press.