Meet the Band

Derek Gomez | Vocals

Derek wouldn't shut up about this band, something nagging at his tum-tum for years. Songs ran around in his head, voices crying out to be heard, and alas, he had no mates to sing along. He kept on scribbling savory stories about leprosy and private parts until one day when he happened upon some friends who'd never heard his voice before and marveled at his ingenuity. The next day, he was visited by a being from the planet Zenoma Sekot who told him Usurper Vong would conquer the world.

Aaron Feldman | Guitar

Aaron has been pickin' a six-string since he was 18 years young. His style is influenced as much by classic rock as more modern grunge sounds. He plays to his own beat rather than trying to keep up with the fretboard-melting speed of shredding. Usurper Vong marks his first official band experience, but you wouldn't know it from his mastery of the stage. Aaron's sound can be recreated by playing the theme from The Simpsons backwards on a Mexican-made Telecaster. (Kids, please don't try that at home.)

Peter Allen | Bass/Vocals

Pete is always writing stories in his head. When he's not, he's speaking them aloud like a wandering bard of ancient lands, passing on histories through the generations. He was born and raised in Willow Glen, which does not in and of itself make him a snob, though that is how he would describe himself, at least when it comes to burgers and movies.

Joyce Kuo | Vong Emeritus

Joyce learned to play the drums on a whim. She was already more than proficient on guitar, violin and keys, having picked up her first instrument before she could walk. She even had her own nickname: "Statis". But her restless spirit spurred her into the endeavor that has become Usurper Vong. We are forever indebted to her funky rhythms and bubbly personality for setting the stage for our eventual galactic aural domination.