Amputee Time

A starburst in the heart, now I'm awake / I cried out to the dark, but that was a mistake / I'm far from sharp, and close enough to kill / Nonchalance is art and my only skill

Stop where you're at, stoop to a new low / The plan of attack, everybody will soon know

Every answer comes one day / When we don't need them / When they look at us, they say / "There is something between them" / Soon you'll be where you want to be / Far, far from judging eyes / All by myself with my ideas / I give the world a surprise

It's just me against revolver / A race against time / On top of the sacred altar / I proclaim her mine / They typecast me as a socialite / But even I need rest / And I'll pray to he who listens / 'Cause he helps me forget

I cross paths with the Architect / On a warm, dusty road / He said, "What did you expect / When your soul is so old?" / He whispered in my ear / "Your sins are absolved / You should show appreciation / When there's pain involved"

Certain situations led to the breaking point / Quit picking pillow fights, I'm feeling ill tonight


A sweet lass does the laundry that doesn't belong to her / Everyone says she's ugly, ugly and disturbed / She's not selfish, she has a simple dream / One day she'll be given to the noble breed

Fast break, must escape / Make a dash, break fast

A young boy tends the animals that belong to the local lord / But he was born to roam with a shield and sword / People need a hero to make the wrong right / His mind has been made up, he's leaving Hell tonight

Straight jacket, loony bin / When we leave, we will win

They hatch the great escape to go explore the land / To see what fate awaits the Good Lord's master plan / One day they will matter, or they'll matter not / The only way to now is to give it your best shot

Fast break, must escape / Make a dash, break fast

Coast To Coast (Jeep Don't Fail Me Now)

Sign says 25, I'm goin' 82 / I've got to be somewhere, I hope I get there soon / I'm in a hurry 'cause I gotta be someplace / And if I see my friends, then I will simply wave / I'm getting tired, and I'm feeling rather parched / But I'll keep rolling on just like a shopping cart

Feet don't you fail me now

Landscapes are getting old, and I was told / "Don't bend your knee when you're free," / Nothing can stop us now

The engine's running, but the driver's on vacation / But that won't keep me from reaching my destination / I'm in a hurry 'cause I gotta be someplace / I'm never late, you see, to me that's bad taste / I'm getting tired, and I'm feeling rather parched / I'm running naked and swinging my private parts

Feet don't you fail me now

I'm just traveling, and I don't know where I'm going / It's just I can't sit still, I've got to stay in motion / I'm in a hurry, but I've got no place to be / It's just a great big world, I've got some sights to see / I'm getting tired, and I'm feeling rather parched / But I could never stop, that's when depression starts

Feet don't you fail me now

If you wanna hang with us, better have your runnin' shoes / We're goin' coast to coast, we got those walkin' blues

Degenerate Genius (Coke and Rum)

I'm about to tell you the very true tale of the mighty poet Rogelio Bevestegen / From the desert land to make us all laugh with Neal Cassady and Jack Kerouac / He's a gentle giant, brave and true, degenerate genius who keeps us all amused / His best friend was Mateas Matinger, writer of ballads, poems and scripts / They were dime store novelists who lived on 7th Street

I had the privilege of spending time and causing chaos with these special swine / We would have a drink and make people think, creating magic with paper and ink / We did a lot of drugs, we had a lot of fun, we enjoyed coke with our Coke and rum

They wrote their magnum opus on the back of a napkin / The kids had all gone crazy, humans had the weirdest one / The world fell in love with the words they wrote, immortalized on stage and screen / But if you weren't there, you will never know how they died drunk in New Mexico

Rogelio Bevestegen, we will always love you / Mateas Matinger, we'll always think of you / May you rest in peace, your words will never die / We'll walk with our Lord for Brains in the sky

We did a lot of drugs, we had a lot of fun, we enjoyed coke with our Coke and rum


Don't wanna think about the things that I don't understand / You got me stuck inside a maze inside my head / I don't know if I can find my way out again / I wish you'd just talk to me and let me know your plan

But you're gonna wait to scream and shout / Until you think you've found a way out / Maybe you will someday / But in the meantime, it's pay to play / I wouldn't want you any other way

Oh, here I go again throwing fuel right on the fire / You say you want to stay at home / You say you need to be alone / You say you're hurting, but I keep on stopping by / Wish I could stay away, but the truth is that's a lie

But I'm gonna wait to scream and shout / Until I think we've found a way out / Maybe we will someday / But in the meantime, it's pay to play / I wouldn't want you any other way

Highway 17 Blues

Goin' up Scotts Valley, git me a sack uh weed / Right about now I feel so low a little high is all I need

Woman left me yesterday, had another man to see / Took me so damn long to fall in love with her, she musta fell outta love with me

Stuck in traffic on 17, break lights flash up ahead / That SUV done flipped its lid, hope someone din't wind up dead (like a soccer mom)

Couldn't write at all last night, my tears got in the way / I couldn't write at all last night, rolled over and wrote this song today

Ice Cream Conehead

Wake up in the morning, go to bed in the evening, in between I think about you / It's been so long since I been home, I don't know what I'm gonna do / I just can’t wait to get off this rock and come runnin' on back to you / But my ship left me behind again, and I think this time it’s for real

Wake up in the morning, go to bed in the evening, in between I eat some food: IHOP for breakfast, Double Double in the afternoon, pizza and ice cream, too / They say this shit will kill you in the end, but it won’t get me / ‘Cause I’m a triple-stomached gastronaught from Alpha Gamma 23

Wake up in the morning, go to bed in the evening, in between I watch the tube / Always seems like nothing’s on, especially at a quarter to two / Oh, I know my friends are turnin' 'round, I know they’re comin' for me / ‘Cause I’m an ice cream conehead from Alpha Gamma 23


Polio, you and me are best friends ever / Crutches are fantasy camp, and I am the champion!

Look around at the people who control both legs and wiggle their toes…

Leprosy has made me far beyond human / If pain is the teacher, then I'm the apprentice!

I need to make a sacrifice, please, accept these gifts: hands, feet, face…

Blind, deaf and dumb with no need for tongues / Ask me today, I'd say, "I am the lucky one!"

When the judgment comes, I'll be as good as gold / 'Cause disease has made me so invincible!

So-o-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh invincible!


We're goin' down a dangerous road / More than a Buffalo two-step away / Go into survival mode / Run like the Devil before it's too late

Sticks and stones break your bones pronto / I've got a hunch, let's call the Head Honcho

If all goes well, we'll make it on time / Before they cancel my clan completely / Thank God I'm in my prime / No one could mentally ever defeat me

You've got a long way to go / It's over when you start going slow / You'd better be prepared / It's a jungle out there

La Compora

She's prettier than a painted desert on Arabian nights / She is deeper than the darkest jungle soldiers saw in Viet Nam / Her father teaches math class at the local high school / Her mother must have been a beauty queen, pride of her family

So please, Miss La Compora, know I always thought of you / It's no secret I like you (more than) sorta, but there's nothing I can do

So, so hot in a pair of sweat pants (Dr. Jones) / Smoke some pot, get high, let's dance! / No, no time for romance / 'Cause I'm so slow that I missed my chance

She'll never walk out of my head even when she has somewhere to go / Maybe one day we'll be newlyweds, lay around getting old / All my life, I've been a traveler, once I almost had a solid thing / But I knew it wasn't good for her, fraternizing with the likes of me

Let's take a walk on a lover's tryst (Here I come) / We could talk, and you gimme a kiss / Drive away in a green V-Dub (¡Ven aquí!) / I'll see you tomorrow and give you love

Royalty for a day, I almost missed the parade / She was looking fierce, fresh like heaven's tears

Ooh La-La (The Hunt Is On)

Gasoline and nicotine on the dance floor / You light me up with the way your body sings / The look in your eye tells me that you're lookin' to score / I lay it down break it off, and leave you beggin' for more

Ooh la-la, the hunt is on

A vodka cran and a cigarette in your hand / The faint scent of peppermint when we kiss / I lay it down nice and slow, it hurts so bad that I just gotta let it go / Fly off in illusions and let the rhythm roll

Ooh la-la, the hunt is on

When I look up, you disappear/ And I get to wonderin' if you were really here / You show up at the end of the night / With a Camel on your lips sayin', "Baby, got a light?" / I flick my Bic, light your stick, and offer you a ride

Sweet vanilla and incense in your bedroom / You apologize for the way your bras hang off the lampshade / You say, "It's not my fault, it's the only way to dry them." / And I say, "Baby, that's okay. We don't need our clothes anyway!"

Ooh la-la, the hunt is on

You take me down onto your bed / Dreams of sugarplums dancing in my head / Alluvasudden there's a knocking on your door / And you say, "Holy shit, I think my boyfriend's home from jail!" / I zip my fly, grab the keys to my ride and find a window

Peeping Tomkat

Claws like sharpened knives, eyes like binoculars / I've got naughty hobby, I like to spy on birds

When the mother flies away, I get close to the nest / It only takes a moment, I watch her undress

Life revolves around finding a feast most fowl / In every urban area, right outside your house

I've got a date with a girl, but she doesn't know I'm there / Everybody says it's wrong, but felines don't care

I'm in the bushes, and I gotta find a tasty snack / It's not my fault that I'm a peeping tom alley cat / Nine lives and everyone's a little sick / The doctor told me I should stop eating catnip / I'm in your neighborhood, so better hide your parakeet / I'm over fences, and I'm faster than a heartbeat / I'm not a dog, so I don't "woof" or do tricks / To get the tail feathers, I tiptoe through the tulips / No one's home except a couple cute chicks / Heaven help me, mentally I'm on the fritz

Blue jay or a swallow, pigeons and chicken hawks / I'm not prejudiced, a pervert never stops

Asleep most of the day, life is a purrrfect purr / Chirping is the sweetest sound I have ever heard

I like the way you sweat / I wanna scratch your back / And now the eggs will hatch / Lemme hear your bird call...

Problem Gambler

Her mother was my favorite gypsy / Father's just a little kamikaze / Her best friend's got a real big stiffy / Her men tend to be a bit sloppy

Shakespeare was the common bond / The road we walked along broke away / And stayed forever gone

The dance has gotten underway / Her patience is getting thin / I'm on drugs and I can't wait / For the pictures that I'm not in

Hooray! I'm excited! It's my birthday! You're invited! / The event is held at my new second home / Don't bother bringing treats, the only cake I want to eat / Is that sweet skin on top her collarbone

A couple shots down the road / I could smell burning skin / Me and my little problem gambler / Found trouble to get ourselves in

Her boots make me sick, her hair is real thick / Her figure makes a grown man quiver / And ever since day one, she's been like a loaded gun / And it's oh so much fun to pull her trigger

Wake-Up Call

Hey you in front of me, drivin' in your SUV, hang up your cell phone / I gotta get around you

It's gonna give you cancer deep down in your brain / It's gonna block your will to see / There's a great big world right outside your car / It's a place you might like to be

You can't see your leash, but you wear it very well / And guess who's on the other end / He's a jolly old man by the name of Uncle Sam / Sucking up all we can spend, so keep on spending

This world is full of stupid, lazy convenience junkies / And I know I fit right in / 'Cause we all buy into the same ol' bullshit / 'Cause to question is to sin

Some people just don't care / People, they don't fucking care

Don't want to sound like this, I ain't cut out for preachin' / But some things have to be said / If you don't look out now, you're not gonna see me comin' round / Pretty soon, we'll both be dead

Some people just don't care / People, they don't fucking care, no, no, they don't

Wrong Guy

Someone visit me for a while / It's lonely in a padded room / They kept saying I'm in denial / They accuse me of murdering you

Why would I do an ugly thing / To such a beautiful vessel? / You were a member of my team / I found my faith in your temple

I'd sell my soul for a book to read / A board game or guitar to strum / They punish me for an evil deed / But I never hurt anyone

Dogs eat dogs until end of days / It's time to sharpen your teeth / Bad things happen anyways / Stay strong and stand on your feet

Please step back, here come the hepcats / Constantly we're causing chaos and cardiac collapse / After the aftermath, there's action in our aircraft / A crash course collision, like an earthquake / Coming in the form of a giant headache / The undertaker's undercarriage doused a dames da-dun-da-duns / Through cunning comes the bun buns / In payments or a lump sum

We're gonna dance, dance, dance, down to the electric chair / Come dance with us if life's not fair

If I ever find the evil man /I'll punish him for the pain he caused / But I'll never find the evil man / 'Cause he's me, and he's already been caught

All words and music © 2007-2019 Usurper Vong